Microbrush applicators can be used for applying and removing materials.The regular size (2.0 mm) can reduce the waste of material because of the non-absorbent, non-linting fibers suspend solutions as small as 1/8 of a drop without dripping or spilling. Microbrushes are great for putting on topical numbing agents, cleaning the eye of pigment goop, putting pigment on the lip, and also picking up pigment with needle and tip. The textured handle improves grip. The patented design with bendable neck facilitates the placement of material in hard-to-reach places. The longer handle improves comfort but has a break- away end for a shorter handle. This is a fabulous product for permanent makeup procedures. The applicators come in a plastic dispensing tube that allows you to shake out one applicator at a time. 1 tube contains 100 brushes



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